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Parents, caregivers, school administrators, and teachers of young children ages 3-5 may notice their child or student struggling with fine motor skills. Those challenges may present themselves as a child having difficulty holding a marker or crayon, cutting with scissors, managing buttons and other clothing fasteners, and opening containers. Fine motor skills are essential to function, participation, and independence in the day to day life of a child.

Fine Motor Fine Tune

Are you concerned that your child may have fine motor delays? Is your child not reaching their fine motor developmental milestones? Are you worried your child will fall further behind without a plan in place to help them with their fine motor skills? We are here to help! Let’s schedule a consultation to discuss your child or student’s needs and collaborate on ways to build their confidence and encourage them to grow with their fine motor skills.

Creator & Communicator

The founder and owner of Fine Motor Fix, Ava Velasquez, specializes in early childhood fine motor skill development. Ava’s professional background and resume includes over a decade of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist providing skilled occupational therapy services and consultations in a variety of settings including public/charter schools, daycare centers, early childhood programs, and in the home and clinic-based settings. Ava has worked with children, families, and educators and takes a collaborative approach to address fine motor skill development with children of varying abilities.

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